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All About Cianjur City

Cianjur, is a district in West Java Province, Indonesia. Cianjur is its capital. This district is bordered by Kabupaten Bogor and Kabupaten Purwakarta in the north, Kabupaten Bandung, Garut regency and in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and west of Sukabumi.

Cianjur Philosophy

Cianjur have a very good philosophy, namely ngaos, mamaos and maenpo that remind us all about the three the completeness of life. Cianjur known and sticky with the slogan ngaos, mamaos and maenpo. Ngaos tradition mengaji is one of reflection as religious activities. Mamaos is a reflection of the culture in which art mamaos Tembang Sunda Cianjuran berbibit buit (comes) from tatar Cianjur. While the martial arts is maenpo first original tempo Cianjur now better known as the martial art of Pencak Silat.

1. Ngaos is a tradition that mengaji colorific Cianjur atmosphere and feel of the community who combined with multiformity. Image as the religious people say this is terintis since Cianjur born around 1677 Cianjur area where this was built by the scholars and santri tempo of the first incentive to develop Syiar Islam. That is Cianjur also get the opportunity santri nickname warehouse and Kyai. When habituate glance at the history of the struggle in Cianjur tatar long before the independence war, forces that struggle for independence at that time to grow and also in the turbulent cottages boarding. Many combatants who ask the blessing before departing to Kyai battlefield. They feel the full and new confidence to the field fighting depart after obtaining the blessing Kyai.

2. Mamaos is art that describes the cultural refinement and moral sense of brotherhood and paste into a family living in association governance. Arts mamaos tembang sunda Cianjuran born from the creative, feeling and intention of Bupati Cianjur R. Aria Adipati Kusumahningrat known as the Dalem Pancaniti. He became pupuhu (leader) tatar Cianjur around 1834-1862. Arts mamaos this tool consists of a mother harp (harp lute rincik and large (small harp) and a flute that accompany interpreter. In general, this poetic mamaos reveal more laudation akan greatness of the Lord with all of His creation.

3. Maen Po, describes the skills and Reliability. Creator and disseminator maen po this is R. Djadjaperbata or known by the name of R. H. Ibrahim, the flow of this game have a characteristic taste sensitivity or sensitivity that is capable of reading the opponent when the movement of all members of the body touch each other. Maenpo known in science Liliwatan (deterrence) and Peupeuhan (scat).

Cianjur Rice

Pandan Wangi original Cianjur said rice is the only rice that is fragrant pandanus of rice, which is the only rice that was not found in other areas and become a typical Cianjur. It's nice (pulen) and the price is relatively higher than ordinary rice. Own in Cianjur, pesawahan the original Cianjur rice yield is only around the District Warungkondang, Cugenang and some District of Cianjur. Extent of 10.392 ha or 10.30% of the rice field area in Cianjur regency. Average production per hectare and 6.3 tons per-year production of 65.089 tons. Kecamatan Pacet Cipanas produce and vegetables, among others, Carrot, leaf Bawang, Brocoli, Beans, Kol, Terung, Aneka Cabe, Kailan, Bit, Paprika red & green, sweet Corn, Tomato, Poll, Jamur, Slada, zucchini and other other.

Population Employment

Employment in Cianjur regency in the agricultural sector that is about 62.99%. The agricultural sector is the largest contributor to the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GDP) at around 42.80%. Other sectors that absorb a lot of labor is a trading and services sector that is about 14.60%. adjuvant and 30%.

Development of freshwater fisheries and the sea in Cianjur Regency enough potential. Good for business large and small scale. Some of the supporting factors are : the population of the relatively large and the availability of cultivated land, fresh water fish resources and fish. Business interactions of the fish catch of fish and sea have a great opportunity in the area of Cianjur south, especially along the coast Cidaun to Agrabinta. In this region, starting begin and interactions in developing cultivated shrimp resources. While the moral power fresh fish in the wide open Cianjur north and middle Cianjur. In this region there is a cultivated ornamental fish resources, fish reproduction, mina rice, and swift water swimming keramba and business nets Cirata float on the lake, which is one of the tourism that began to develop.

Meanwhile, the potential at the Regency of Cianjur is big enough where approximately 19.4% of the plantation area is wide. During in Plantation is managed by Big Country (PBN) covering 10,709 hectares, of Plantation Private (PBS) and approximately 20,174 hectares of plantation Rakyat (PR) area of 37,167 hectares. Increased production of crops, especially tea commodity good enough. Productivity of the people able to achieve between 1400 - 1500 kg of dry tea per hectare. While the large plantations managed by the average reached above 2000 kg per hectare.


Kabupaten Cianjur residents known as a religious community with the majority of the people embrace Islam, which reached 98%, while non-Muslim population to reach 2%, with details as follows:
1. Moeslim population = 1,893,203 people (98%)
2. Christian population = 32,841 people (1.7%)
3. Population are Buddhist and Hindu = 5,796 people (0.3%)
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